Invoice Factoring Program

Capital Resource Group now offers a customized factoring program with high advances and low factoring rates for CRG clients. By partnering with North America’s leading transportation factoring company, CRG ensures that our clients receive top benefits when they factor their invoices along with individualized attention from cash flow experts who know the trucking industry.

Factoring your invoices means no more waiting 30, 45, or even 60 days or more for customers to pay on delivered loads. You receive an advance on the invoice upon delivery while the factoring company collects from your customer according to your payment terms. Factoring turns the funds sitting in your accounts receivable into money in your pocket to pay fuel bills, cover payroll, and manage your equipment loan and lease payments. With your cash boost, you can hire more drivers, add to your fleet, and take the steps you need to expand your business for more income and higher profit margins.

Factoring program benefits for CRG clients:

  • Advance rates up to 100% upon delivery
  • Upfront funds to cover expenses and equipment payments
  • Discounts on fuel, tires, maintenance and other services
  • 24/7 online access to payment history and paperwork
  • In-house credit professionals and online credit checks
  • In-house collections team to ensure prompt payment
  • Transportation factoring expert as your single point of contact

Applying is simple and fast: many clients can receive their first funding 24 hours after they’ve completed their paperwork. To learn more about how this exclusive factoring program can work for you, fill out the simple form to the right. A cash flow specialist will walk you through how the process works and answer all your questions.